Around Belluno


The Belluno region offers all manner of opportunities for both short and longer excursions.

Belluno is the gateway to the area covering the Dolomite Mountains which includes the well known destinations of Cortina d'Ampezzo, Alleghe, Falcade and Auronzo di Cadore.

Belluno itself has a historical centre which is graced by significant architectural features and enchantingly beautiful buildings including The Prefecture, The City Hall and numerous fine fountains many of which have been perfectly restored. The university city of Feltre is only a few kilometers away and is also a city graced with art and culture. The townships of Limana and Mel are also to be found on the left bank of the Piave River.

We offer complimentary loan of our mountain bikes on which you may visit nearby attractions or explore tracks through virgin forests which will envelope you in a lush green which will reconnect you with nature.

Staying in Belluno amidst UNESCO heritage listed Dolomite Mountains also means access to sports at close proximity to nature. Activities include horse riding, mountain bike riding, trekking, alpine skiing, hang gliding, rock climbing, and much more.

The B&B La Cerva suggests 4 itineraries in our province.

Alta Via n.1

Alta Via n. 1Gusela                                 

The classic Alta Via Number 1 is a 150km trek stretching across the eastern Dolomites departing from Braies Lake and arriving in Belluno.

The Alta Via Number 1 runs north to south through the Venetian Dolomites also known as the Belluno Dolomites.
he trek begins at the Braies Lake in the Bolzano Province and remains in this province during the first three stages (with the exception of a brief entry into the Belluno Province around Rifugio Biella). At the Alpe di Lagazuoi the trek enters the Belluno Province where it remains for the rest of the excursion.

Cammino delle Dolomiti

Cammino delle DolomitiCammino delle Dolomiti

The B&B La Cerva is a stage on the Cammino delle Dolomiti. This trek forms a loop in 30 stages that envelopes the Belluno Province and includes some less known stages to those typically frequented in Winter and Summer.

This itinerary isn't just for trekking. It offers you the opportunity to indulge your desire and need for silence, rhythm and spiritual encounters with fellow trekkers.
The itinerary crosses mountain passes, lakes, parks and valleys offering enchanting panoramas and magnificent mountain landscapes

Munich - Venice trek

Percorso Monaco Veneziamonaco-venezia                             

From Munich to Venice, a 28 stage trek through magnificent terrain and spectacular panoramas of the Bavarian Alps and Belluno Dolomites. Following in the footsteps of Ludwig Grassel who in 1973 in company of two friends crossed the Alps from Munich to Venice on foot without the use of any motorized transport.

The B&B La Cerva is a stage on the Munich - Venice trek. A walk across the Alps, through splendid and unique panoramas of fields and forests, a walk across peaks not mountain passes.
From the Marienplatz square in Munich to the Piazza San Marco square in Venice the trek covers 520km and 36,000m of climbs.

Santa Croce lake

Lago di S.Crocesport nel lago

The Santa Croce lake is the second largest in the Veneto region. The lake offers a splendid natural mirror of water which reflects the magnificent Belluno Dolomites and in particular the Alpago and Nevegal mountains.

The tourist locality of Santa Croce lake is a must for those wishing to combine a mountain holiday with sporting activities. Windsufing and kitesurfung, sailing, fishing, horseriding and, for those wanting to fly, takeoff with a hanglider from the Dolada Peak on the Alpago mountain.

The Dolomite bike track

Lunga via delle Dolomiti Lunga via delle Dolomiti

The Dolomite bike track is a magnificent itinerary from Dobbiaco to Calalzo di Cadore.

This long track crosses some of the most beautiful Dolomite mountains acknowledged as UNESCO world heritage.
You will see the Antelao, Sassolungo di Cibiana, the Pelmo, Rocchette Croda da Lago, la Croda Marcoira Faloria, the Cristallo Pomagagnon Fiames, the Cinque Torri, the Tofane, the Piana mountain, the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, the Tre Scarperi, the Picco di Vallandro,...)

The Dolomite long track is certainly one of the most rewarding and fantastic tracks that can be made by bike.